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Getting stuff done

My parents took Elliott for the day so we got tons of stuff done around the house! I love that little kid but I haven't had a break in a long time... I realized that I had a lot of unfinished projects around here that I really want to get done before the baby comes (and who knows when the morning sickness is going to kick in)! We mudded and sanded the ceiling around our kitchen chandelier, I've been fixing our doors from the basement and I finished painting the displays for Pocket Dots. Now I can go to maternity stores to sell them there! It's a beautiful day so I've been trying to drag as much outside to work on it as I can.

Strawberry Pie

I made strawberry pie! I can't wait to eat it tonight. :) I also made strawberry ice cream and omitted the vodka... it is sooooo good.

Hot Hot Hot!

It has been so incredibly hot around here that Elliott and I have spent almost every minute playing with water outside for the past four days. I know what you're thinking... why wouldn't you play toys inside where it's air conditioned?! Well, try telling that to a toddler whose only mission in life right now is the play outside. I'm not kidding... the first words out of his mouth when he wakes up in the morning and after his nap are "water. outside." Today we went over to my sister's house to set up the pool for a change of scenery.

Strawberry Picking!

Today we drove to Wisconsin to go strawberry picking at Thompson Farm. It was so much fun to see Elliott finding the ripe strawberries. I think he only ended up putting 2 of them in the basket and ate the rest... His face was completely red!

Now we have three quarts of strawberries!! I think I'm going to make strawberry ice cream and maybe a strawberry pie. I'm a huge fan of Cook's Illustrated... does anyone else use their recipes? They are absolutely awesome. Sometimes they can be complicated, but they always turn out great! The only problem is that the ice cream recipe calls for vodka?! I've never heard of that before and obviously don't want to put alcohol in my ice cream... why would they do that? I wrote them to ask, so we'll see if they write me back soon. Does anyone have any good recipes for strawberry desserts?

I'm Pregnant!!!

Ahhhh!!! I'm so excited! I just found out this morning!

Yes, I took three pregnancy tests because I just didn't believe it! Jim and I talked about when we wanted to have our second baby when we had Elliott almost 2 years ago and we said June 09... how weird is it that I actually got pregnant this month?! We weren't even really trying!

We walked over to my parents house at the crack of dawn to tell them. We jumped into bed with them and it was exciting to share the news with them as they woke up. Then we walked over to my sister's house to tell her. It's so great that we all live in the same neighborhood!

Now I can wear my Pocket Dots again!!!

By the way... Happy Father's Day all you dads. :)

Under the weather

Not only is it hot, muggy and rainy but now I'm not feeling well! It's our third wedding anniversary today and my husband is on a business trip, but I'm really looking forward to when he comes home! He's taking the day off on Friday and we have a fun day and night planned (if I feel good enough, ugh).

Just as I was about to write this post I was feeling pretty yucky, but then my doorbell rang... it was this goofy delivery guy that handed me a huge bouquet of flowers. I only had a chance to read bits and pieces of the description on the receipt that I signed- all I saw was "lemons, lemon yellow and something else about lemons but I wasn't sure. I opened it up and it was a beautiful bouquet from my sister (Emily) to brighten my day!! She's the best.

(yellow is my favorite color)
This is really crazy but now the sun is shining! God always knows when I need to be cheered up!
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